Tuesday, December 28, 2010

lots of sore throats out there..

Tonight I am making a course of ease for a friend with a sore throat caused by her sinus's running amuck!
Yarrow, Sage, Epsom salt and apple cider gargle.
Licorice, Myrhh, Marshmallow, Pleurisy root tea with chamomile.
Handfuls of Mint and Rosemary herb with a few drops of eucalyptus oil for steam.
A bottle of Elderberry syrup and Echinacea tincture for her immune system.
My friend works hard and is run down from all the work travel she has been doing. I think this will help, I used these same herbs and methods last week when I was not well.
Will send her a bit of Ginseng root next week when she feels better.
We have had some crazy weather here. Lots of cold, flu and sore throats.
Good thing my cold kit was made early!