Monday, November 2, 2009

Thanksgiving in the wild

Yesterday my husband and I went over all the possibilities of where to have Thanksgiving this year. He asked, "Your mothers place? My mothers place?" I said, "Our apartment is too small, do you want to go out to eat this year?" Okay, all of those suggestions were nixed. He then said,
"Why don't we put up a tent and have it on our new farm?"
Now, that is one I didn't even think of. However, it does sound like a good idea. Hm..I wonder what Martha Stewart would think?
This is gonna take some researching and planning, we have no water and no electricity yet.

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BlackStar said...

We go up to our place, camping on Thanksgiving. There is a buffet restaurant on the mountain that has home cooking, as good as I'd make. The family comes up. It's been a nice change. We eat and come back to camp to veg out!

Lack of water and electricity are easy to get around. Buy some of those 5 gallon water containers with spiggots. As for electricity, we bought a jump starter and run holiday lights from it. We use LED lights. They use less electricity, so the battery lasts longer. We also have a coleman lantern, which puts out a lot of light.