Monday, February 15, 2010

i had to make something from the book

Today I read a tweet that said, "making boeuf bourguinon for senior citizens."
Well, as you all know, I bought Mastering the Art of French Cooking monthes ago. I haven't made 1 thing from it.
This little tweet told me I had to make something. So like a copy cat I decided to make the Boeuf Bouguinon also. But, before I made it, me being me, I did some research on it first. I watched no less than 8 videos with different chefs making it. (of course, not one of them was Julia Child. You have to pay for that video!) I watched them hoping that they would make it easier for me. It did not. Most of the videos were made by men, and men being themselves, always try to make shortcuts and do things their way. Watching them just frustrated the hell out of me. So I turned off the computer, got out Julia's book and began her famous recipe.
The recipe turned out to be beautifically written, each step explaining how to go on to the next step. It was truly effortless. I did have to turn to a couple of different chapters on how to braise onions and cook the mushrooms, (in the French way) but the recipe gave the page numbers in the instructions.
The Boeuf is almost done, I smell and hear it slowly simmering in the oven.
Notes to self: I didn't add enough wine at the beginning because it seemed like too much (and I didn't want a watery stew) but it would have been exactly right. I have had to add a little more at the end of cooking.
Best note to self: Do not watch anymore videos of people trying to imitate the recipe. Julia really does it best.
It is an extrordinary dish, and my husband will be so happy when he eats it.
He called me from the road about an hour ago and asked what was for supper. I said, "Julia" and he knew immediately what he was having tonight.
If you do decide to cook this dish, do it on your day off, it takes about 5 hours with prep time. Read all the directions thoroughly, even the part of where to put the racks in the oven.
Shop for the ingredients the day before,(this is where having an herb garden is a distinct advantage) and don't buy the cheap wine.
The Beaujolais I bought was pricey, but so worth it!
Besides, we are gonna have the rest of the wine with the meal.
This was so much fun. If you love to cook, you have to try this classic dish. You will feel like you really accomplished something.

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