Thursday, October 14, 2010

going to festivals

The Rice Festival is only 2 days away now and all I have left to do is make the lemon balm cookies. Its a nice recipe, one that I have been making for years. I'm sure all of you could follow it, its a basic Mexican Wedding cookie with the addition of lemon zest, and lemon balm in the dough. When they come out of the oven (just slightly underbaked)I roll them in confection sugar that is laced with lemon zest. It makes a beautiful little cookie. I love selling them, my repeat customers buy me out on the first day. (its a two day festival)
I try to make extra every year, but we always run out of them.
Here is the final rundown of all our products this year:
Homemade marshmallows:Chocolate, Rosy Vanilla, and Lemon Coconut.
Tea balls and various types of tea strainers.
Fresh apple butter.
Herbal teas: Stress-Less, Autumn Morning Mint, Winter Dreams, Summer's End.
3 Herbal Extracts: Echinacea, Valerian, and a Calcium rich blend.
Elderberry Syrup.
Rosewater Facial toner.
Bees wax lip balm: Chocolate, Rosy Peppermint.
Italian Seasoning
Live plants: Spearmint, Chocolate mint, St. John's Wort, Yarrow, Comfrey, Lemon Grass.
Freshly picked herbs: bundles of basil, bundles of Lemon Grass roots.
Bath Salts: Lavender, Rose, and Lemon Grass Chamomile.
We will also have various dried roots and herbs for serious herbies.
Whew, thats enough for this year. Too bad this festival isn't in the spring, not much to bring in the way of fresh.
Bartered with a friend for help setting up booth this year. She wants a herb and vegetable garden in the spring,so I will help her design and plant it.
Good trade I think.
Now...if I can turn my brain off, I will try to sleep.
Good night.


Muir Aingeal said...

Sure wish I was going to your rice festival all of what you made for it sounds fantastic!

Anonymous said...

wish you were here too! festival are great! you get to talk to all potential customers and hopeful herbies. I see as marketing, and dont stress out about the money.
the farm will make the income, but for now, talk, talk, talk to all those interested in herbs. I love it!
where are you located?

Muir Aingeal said...

Hey There,

I'm in Hawaii currently (not native) and moving to the blueberry state of Maine soon...Yay! I'm just an amateur herbalist mainly interested in herbs for medicinal tons of books on the subject and just learning from what I can pick up in books, from other people on the net and trial and error. Just can't afford those expensive Herbalist classes that some people offer...but wow! your herbal goodies sound fab! Wish I knew how to make all of that stuff! good on you :)

Oh! I had to look up how to make apple butter after reading your blog hehe I love apple butter and it's so easy just to make your own (which I never knew) but it does take some time doesn't it?

Anyway,chat with you soon!

Green Blessings,


sunflowerherbfarm said...

well, if you make it in the slow cooker, it can simmer all day and get that dark, rich caramel color everyone loves.
the hard part is peeling,coring and slicing.
Its such a ritual of autumn with me, I hardly mind the work. The house just smells like home and baked bread!