Sunday, July 31, 2011

passion flowers

Yesterday I found some passion flower vines and flowers in a small area of our farm. I had seen them before but did not mark their place. This summer, they re-appeared delicate and purple, vines twisting around other summer weeds. It was very comforting to see them, survivors they are, no one to tend them, orphans in a wild landscape.
We have had a drought in this part of our state, no rain for weeks and weeks, but this month rain found its way back to our parched ground. The passion flowers took advantage of the water and bloomed in glorious profusion amongst the yellow and white honeysuckle. I will mark the vines this year, so that I can them find next again next spring.
The blooms are very near the elderberry flowers, whose dainty yellow and white petals I have long searched for.
Our house should be started in 3 weeks, I am looking forward to it, but these wonderful herbs are making the wait so tolerable!

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