Saturday, March 16, 2013

hospital window

Well, here at the hospital for the second round of deadly chemo
. My poor husband has had so much of it this week that he became toxic and
had to be given lasix to bring down swelling. He is so nauseated and tired. The doctor says only 6 more treatments, ,and at least 4 more spinals, at least 2 more bone marrow biopsies.
I will never complain again if I have a cold, or any other ailment. His suffering is almost
more than I can bear.
tomorrow will mark one year ago that we moved into our house.
I feel so sad that we will still be here at the hospital,
he has been diagnosed with a very aggressive leukemia. it requires a week of chemo, in a hospital, every 3 weeks. but..that's when things are uncomplicated. If he gets an infection, or a blood clot or fever, he's stays longer. of course, all of these things have happened.
we are so sad. I can't say it any other way,
It"s spring and we should be getting our herb beds ready. I don't have the energy
or the will.
I saw fresh strawberries at a fruit stand on Friday. I will go home and make fresh jam
for him.
And a loaf of homemade buttermilk bread..
Yes..that is what I will do. Maybe he will eat if I do this.
Perhaps our next blog will say happy things. .


Comfrey Cottages said...

I am such a horrible internet friend.. I had no idea you were going through this.. sending much healing and supportive energy your way. and prayers, lots of prayers xxx Love, Leslie

Anonymous said...

O sweetie, u have always been kind. I haven't really posted much. It is what it is. Thank u for your wonderful words and prayers. I think one of the worst things is having to stay inside. We have always been outside people, loving our great gardening life. Perhaps I can pull it together for a decently small harvest. That would be nice. Be kind to your loved ones, u never know.