Monday, September 14, 2009

candy for crones?

Made all my crone candy today. It is delicious. The recipe includes seasame butter, spirulina, gingseng, dong qui, honey, bee pollen. I rolled the 1 inch balls in toasted macadamia nuts and toasted coconut. After reading about the spirulina it opened my mind to all the different ways to use it. Shakes! Smoothies!
Going to have a booth at the local "Market Days" fair in November. It will be held in a very little town just down the road. It is always so much fun. Don't always make a lot of money but it's a good time and I get to talk to the locals. The elderly who live there are always fascinated by my herbs. Will sell :Mulling spices, Lemon Balm cookies, Culinary oils- Rosemary, Basil, 3 Herb, Chili pepper and Lemon Grass. Will bring 3 teas this time, Serene Lemon, Autumn Mint Morning, and the new tea, "Winter Dreams". Winter dreams is a new tea formula, has vanilla black tea, lemon balm, mugwort, calendula. I hope it will sell as well as the last tea formula did. Our last formula was called "Summers End". Of course, it was a blend of all the herbal flowers and sweet herbs from the summer garden. It did very well, the main ingredient being pineapple sage and blossoms.
Okay, enough of this, have to get back to work on my lesson. Finished my tinctures and salves, will type up the plans for treating menopause and safe pregnancies.

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