Wednesday, September 16, 2009

new orleans

Returned today from a trip to New Orleans. Visited homeless shelters, met with case managers and clients. Toured a huge facility that housed lots of people and feeds 500! Later that night we attended a dinner benefit in the French Quarter district . All money collected was donated to homeless shelters.
The party was held in a house built in 1855. What an amazing feeling to walk on those creaky oak hardwood floors . The staircase was cypress wood polished to a high shine which was shown off by the bright lights of antique chandeliers. I imagined glimpses of gray coated confederate officers walking the gowned belles down the steps, earrings swinging and hoops gently swaying . (old houses give my imagination a work out, I love history!) We walked around to the walled shaded courtyard smelling jasmine, roses, and drank mellow dark wines. The early evening was so enchanting and magic.
After the party we invited a New Orleans police officer to a late supper. His personal job is to help get the homeless off the street into shelters and rehabs. (like us!) He was a wonderful italian guy who talked all night about how much he loved his work. We ate great seafood at a local restaurant then finished it off with banana crepes !
The officer then took us for a ride down Royal, Magazine, Decatur, Tchoupatoulis, Canal and Bourbon streets in his specially painted NOPD golf cart. You get a lot of crazy stares when you are cruising downtown with a police officer!
Visited a voodoo shop the next morning. Smelled herby to me but I couldnt identify anything. LOL!
It was such fun!

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