Saturday, February 5, 2011

Yea! Seedlings are up!!!!

Glorious Saturday!
On the kitchen table, in front of the biggest window, two greenhouses are sitting with small green sprouts!

Purple and green basils, and two types of tomatoes: San Marzano's and Beefsteak. Hm..this sounds like a great beginning for Mexican or italian sauces, salsa and yes.......PESTO!!!!!!
Today, in two more miniature greenhouses, we will plant lots of peppers: serrano,giant jalapeno, cayenne, poblano, long slim red pepper and hot banana pepper. The pepper seed arrived yesterday from our favortite grower, "Pepper Joe." I have purchased these organic seeds from him before and have always had an abundance of peppers.(He always includes two free packs of seeds!)
It's been a very cold winter, ( it tries my patience as a gardener), but all this ice and sleet will make spring so much more dramatic!

Soon the iron rich herbs will be peeking through the short frozen grass, and the struggling dandelions will begin to multiple quickly. I love to forage (wildcraft) in early spring, so much to pick!
Going out to the farm today, will check on the purple martin houses and fill up the container with bird seed. The pond is almost full. The ground is saturated with water, so no earth will be turned or tested today. Expecting lots of mulch to be delivered soon.
February is such an antsy time for me... I feel that spring is coming and my daydreams are beginnning to carry me away from my everyday desk job! My rubber boots are sitting in the doorway of the apartment, clean and waiting for me to put them on. (They are much too clean and are begging to have a layer of mud on them!)
Does anyone else love the smell of fresh plowed dirt? I can't wait to crumble it up in my hand!

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