Monday, May 30, 2011

farm work makes u strong

Yes. This is day 5 of my low carb, high protein diet. My headache is a dull distraction, but I think I can get thru this. I have for years, eaten very little meat, but now I have to do this. It's a bit hard, but I can change my carb addiction.'s an addiction.
I am going out to the farm to work until I drop. I will sweat the cravings out!
Have plenty to do today, many tasks that I haven't had time to do. Lots of weeding and harvesting today. If I keep harvesting like this, I will have lots of Italian Seasoning to sell in October at the Rice Festival. It was a great seller last year, but I didn't have enough for everyone. Gonna make much now!
I will go over my last year's sales at the Festival to see what profited the best and try to concentrate on that. It's my favorite festival.

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