Monday, October 12, 2009

Peppermint soap

Making soap today. For some reason it's not coming out right. Either warmed it too long or changed the recipe too radically.
Finally managed to make 8 bars ! I usually make at least 20 at a time .
I don't think today is a 20 kinda day.........
The recipe is a goodie, chocolate mint herb, honey, peppermint oil....
I use it to cool off hot flashes.
Peppermint loves menopausal women!
Wanted to bake this afternoon, but since my morning has been one disaster after another, I would probably burst into flames or start the house on fire.
Man, I miss my farm, I would be doing this outside or in the little shop.
If any of you have a farm, do your best to keep it, we are finding it very hard to adapt to town living. Our new farm won't be ready for at least 7 or 8 months.
My husband says we aren't ourselves, that we don't know who we are anymore, lol.
He is so right.
Tomorrow I will make rosewater cream soap. If the sun, moon and stars are right......or if my head isn't popping off from everything that's happening today!

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