Saturday, October 3, 2009

Will I burn for this?

Yesterday I received two books from my bookclub, "Julie and Julia", and "Mastering the Art of French Cooking". I have never wanted to cook french food before. In fact, I have cooked almost every ethnic food I can think of, but never once did I have the envie' to make french food.
This is very silly because I am French and French food has been in my life since infancy.
We live in Louisiana, we are Cajun French, why have I not learned to cook these things? Of course, the food of the Acadians is different from Parisian, but it is based in the same butter and flour ideations.
In my lifetime I have cooked Mexican, Italian, German, Indian (east and west), Carribean, Hawaiian, Swedish, Scottish , English, Welsh, well, you get the idea.....
I have bought the great Cajun cookbooks, and made the obligatory Etoufee' and Shrimp Sauce Picante' but, never really tried anything Parisian. (My grandmother would just turn over if she thought I would consider cooking Parisian!)
My mother, when I told I bought the cookbook said, "They don't cook like us"! She said it like an exclamation point, in that very French way (with a shrug of her little French shoulders), as if that was that and I should go no further.
I had to restrain myself from rolling my eyes.
All of my life I have been hearing this phrase from her, my grandmother and all of their little Cajun girlfriends. It's like a mantra here in Louisiana. " Cher' we were thrown out of France and Canada! We will have nothing to do with Paris!" Like a good little Catholic Cajun girl, I repeated it to my little friends and they repeated it to me. We heard this in our sleep. We grew up believing this. this a revelation? LOL. Naw.
Mastering the Art of French Cooking is very interesting, it is what I expected; informative, precise, very easy to understand. I may have to treat my husband to some of the recipes. The Beef Bourg. , now that looks like something he would eat.
The other book, "Julie and Julia" reads just like a blog, it is very wordy and kinda runs together, ( like this) but I am enjoying her angst.
I think I will finish reading it.
If I cook anything from the cookbook, please don't tell my mother.

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