Saturday, June 12, 2010

men and ruffled feathers

What a month this has been for injuries!
A few weeks ago a chair, with someone sitting in it, came down on my bare foot, created nice purple and green coloring, and last week I stupidly set a cooking timer while I tried to take a quick shower.
the timer went off while I was in the shower, and I ran to the kitchen, in towel, to take food out of the oven.
(Please do not try this at home. Cooking and showering..... the two do not go together.)
I slipped on my own puddle and came down hard on my ankle.  Its a  great swollen ankle to go with the yellow and blue toes.  The colors kinda match and make for interesting conversation at work. (I have to wear sandals,can't get my shoes on, hence the public viewing, lol)
I used the same backache salve for my toes and ankle. (See earlier posting) Everything is healing nicely.

This morning , my husband told me that he hurt his wrist yesterday while pulling on some equipment .
I didn't want to show my excitement when he stated that he may have broken a small bone or popped a vein in his hand.
Been wanting to try out the power of "knitbone"(comfrey) on something like this.
It looked like a sprain, didn't appear that anything was seriously broken. (I would have sent him to our physician right away if I had seen bone or a mishapen look.)

This morning I finely cut the comfrey leaf, mixed it with my new pain killer salve and pasted the whole thing to his hand and wrist with gauze. We then wrapped the hand and wrist with an ace bandage.
I hope to see some improvement by tomorrow night.
My husband, the willing guinea pig,   gotta love him.
I am making homemade biscuits for breakfast to soothe his ruffled feathers.
Men like to have their feathers smoothed out.

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comfrey cottages said...

they do like to have their feathers ruffled! lol always amazes me how my husbands injuries/illness are sooooo much worse than mine! lol mine is a hypochandriac but... not always receptive to being my patient;( hope you both are better soon