Wednesday, February 9, 2011

bunny suit

I ordered an extraordinary amount of seeds,plants,trees and plugs this afternoon.
The price took my breath away.
When I had my little farm, I was able to propagate many plants, collect many seeds and graft many trees. Since we have not had the farm for 2 and 1/2 years, we are starting again from scratch. All of our trees were left there, all of the established roses and many of our years-old herbs, left behind. The people who bought the home and grounds stated to me that they were very interested in herbs, so I left them, to live and prosper with them. Sad to say, the realtor must have tipped them off for the sale and told them to show an interest. They have since mowed and cut everything down. It felt like my children were cut down in the prime of their of lives. (I felt that connected to my herbs and trees.) We would have worked much harder to take all the living things with us, had we known they would be killed.
But..on to the future..
Starting over is costly, but today I made a huge purchase to begin again.
Got some elderberry trees, some bay, lemon verbena, southernwood and more.
I look forward to my new deliveries and saving seed again.
We will be very busy this year!
I can't wait.
Until everything arrives, I don't have a lot to do.
I am driving my husband crazy....
Going to make a red velvet cake this weekend, for him, who loves me despite my OCD behavior.
Seriously...I am such a pain right now.
But spring he will complain that I won't look at him unless he comes into the garden bearing mass quantities of compost and manure.
I told him if he dresses up in a rabbit costume tonight, bringing a pack of carrot seeds, we may be able to work something out......

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